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COREMA - RM (Resistivity, Mobility)    [Data Sheet]

This system, available stand-alone or as an add-on to the basic COREMA - WT setup, extends the analytic capability of the capacitive measurement to include evaluation of carrier mobilities > 1000 cm2/Vs, in particular for GaAs and InP. Because the full set of electric transport parameters is obtained, the conventional Hall measurement is obsolete. Although intensively used for many years, the classic Hall approach is hampered by destructive, time consuming sample preparation, difficult ohmic contacting, slow measurement procedure and complicated evaluation.

The patented COREMA - RM procedure is based on the magnetoresistance effect. The magnetic field is generated by a specially designed arrangement of high performance permanent magnets. The sample resistivity is measured with and without magnetic field. The mobility is calculated from the difference of the resistivity data.

Clearly this procedure is more demanding and also somewhat more time-consuming than a single resistivity measurement. On the other hand, inquiries have confirmed that topographic measurements of mobility with high lateral resolution is not required. Therefore, automated wafer translation is not provided, but measurement points may be chosen arbitrarily on the entire wafer area by manual shifting. The total measurement time is essentially determined by the time needed for manual wafer loading.

Again user-friendly, dedicated software supports the entire data acquisition, evaluation and presentation procedure.

In summary, COREMA - RM realizes a breakthrough in production-control oriented wafer characterization technology. In addition to the advantage of non-destructive evaluation of standard wafers, order-of-magnitude improvements with respect to cost, measurement speed, reproducibility and lateral resolution are achieved.

   COREMA-RM system for mobility measurement

-destructive mobility evaluation of a GaAs wafer

Comparison of mobility data obtained by magnetoconductive measurement with drift mobility obtained from ionized impurity scattering

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